A single life vs a married life

Comparing married life and a single life is very easy but complicated at the same time. They are very different things but each has a lot of pros and cons. there is definitely a lot that can go wrong in the two choices and it only depends of a person what’s best for him. Getting married is something that most people want to do. But they typically is not ready for the responsibilities and work that it might mean. But it also means that there is another layer to the relationship that would make it stronger. Getting married with someone is a seal and a promise to stick around switch each other no matter what. But it’s also a way to preserve a lady’s honour for a lot of people. It’s not only a matter of a contract but to make a woman fill with pride and joy. But not everyone can take it. It’s mostly very difficult to deal with especially when the stress and the problems does start to come through. When it comes to getting married the Easy step to make is to have a child. And that could get harder. /. That’s why it would always make sense to be ready and sure about doing that choice before really getting in to it because it might be something that a person is still not ready for that could turn out to be a disaster at the end of the day. It’s a big step that not a lot of people does accomplish in life. But being single also has its perks. One of the main advantages of it is the freedom. When it comes to being single no one really can take a guy’s time. Unlike getting married when there are a lot of responsibilities and work to be done. Being single means less work and responsibilities. A lot of people dies prefer not live that kind of life because it would make them feel much more better at the end of the day. It makes a lot more sense to be more free than get trapped like other people. It does not mean that a single man cant date anyone. It’s more fun to date when being single because there is no one that could make him feel bad about hanging out too much. When a guy does have a girlfriend it is not possible to go out anymore because it’s just going to complicate a lot of things. Even though nit a lot of people can handle dating while there is no goal in mind to be in a relationship. Sometimes the power of a lady is just too much that a guy might feel like maybe it’s time to settle down and stop acting like a kid anymore. Despite the difference there is no one that really wins or loses because it just depends on the type of situation that a man might be in and at the end of the day it’s just a matter of time when happiness does come. /.