Can Anti-racism Really Work?

Some individuals shy away from the expression racial prejudice in describing their work. Anti-racism is determining and eliminating bigotry by changing systems, organizational structures, policies and practices and mindsets. An antiracism workshop is an active process of training people into viewing and staying in the world, to be able to change it. 

Because bigotry occurs at all levels and spheres of society (and will function to create and maintain exclusionary sectors), anti-racism education and activism is essential in all aspects of society. To put it differently, it doesn’t happen solely at work, in the course, or in selected portions of our lives.

Popular/mainstream understandings of diversity frequently function to strengthen false concepts that there is an equal opportunity in our society and there are only”distinctions” among those on the field that will need to be appreciated.

The principal failure of the notion of justice is that it’s premised on the false (and for the mainstream, comfy ) concept that equality now exists, as does equal access to the methods of communication, involvement in the market, etc. Some people may say that the expression anti-racism leaves out variable to consider of different forms of injustice at work in society, such as discrimination based upon sex, sexuality, ability, and class, for example.

Our primary focus for social modification workshop is racism, which can be complex (and frequently reinforced) by other kinds of oppression. Since we live in a society that’s so resistant to, and uncomfortable with, conversations of racism, we believe it’s imperative to maintain this principal focus.

To effectively overcome systemic bigotry ingrained as routine practice in organizations like education and law enforcement you have got to be constantly working towards equality for all races, aiming to reverse bigotry in your thoughts, your environment and the larger world. To put it simply, you’ve got to be anti-racism.